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My Top Christian Apps


You Version Bible App (Free)

The #1 rated bible app with over a 200 Million downloads  in over 1,000 versions and supported languages it is more than just your typical bible app. YouVersion offers hundreds of reading plans and devotionals, audio bibles, videos and the ability to connect and share with friends. You can customize and personalize the app by turning scripture verses into sharable art, highlighting, bookmarks, notes, cloud sync and customizable font, text size and contrast for easy reading.


I’ll Be honest (Free)

I’ll Be Honest provides christian videos and sermons of Tim Conway, Paul Washer and many more.  Their mission is to seek truth and honesty when it comes to what the Bible says about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how mankind can be made right with God. These teachings are very impactful with straightforward and piercing truth in every lesson. Every message challenges the listener to go deeper and deeper in God. There are several languages available, resources such as churches near you, question forum, reading plans, bible apps and an array of topics to choose from if you are looking for something specific.


Right Now Media (Free Access with Church Subscription)

With over 10,000 bible study videos Rightnow Media is an app that provides leadership resources; bible and video studies for just about any christian book, author or topic you can think of. The subscription is purchased through your church’s administration and from there the administrators can customize what books, resources and ministries are best  suited for their congregation. With everything from Sunday school courses, home and group studies, men, women and youth groups and children’s ministries.


Abide (Free, in app purchases)

This prayer app is a wonderful addition to my day. It provides daily scriptures (that sync with youversion), prayers and encouragement that you can even customize by topic. You can even customize each prayer with your choice of soothing background music. You can also set your app to alert you any time of day for prayer or meditation. If you decided to purchase a membership you will get additional features such as guides which contain a series of spiritual instructions, exercises, prayers and encouragement. You can start a prayer stream with customized prayers just for you and you will also receive additional background music to choose from for your moments of prayer and meditation.


iBethel (Free)

This is the church app from Bethel Church in Redding CA. It includes many features such as Bethel.Tv where you can watch some of your favorite preachers, teachers and worship moments. You can also catch the latests podcasts and even tune in to the Bethel Church Live Stream.

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This is the church app for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Here you can browse teachings by speaker, topic or most recent. You can also check out the archives for various services and conferences and tune in to their live 24/7 Global prayer room ANYTIME no matter where you are (my favorite)


CARM (.99cents)

     True to its name the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM is dedicated to the glory of Christ and the promotion of the defense of the Christian gospel, doctrine and theology. Have a question? Im sure CARM has an answer. They analyze religious and non-religious movements and compares them to the bible. CARM examines topics ranging from abortion to evolution all the way to universalism. Ive been an active lover and reader of their website for over 15 years now and while access to the site is free the app does cost .99cents, but trust me its worth it (technically its worth more) The app features include the ability to search the site for any and every topic, listen to the CARM radio podcast, call in to the show, send images through fan cam, submit questions, access the online store and recieve up to date information via push notifications.

InTouch Ministries (Free)

Who doesn’t love Charles Stanley? One of my favorite teachers of the word, InTouch Ministries app offers daily devotions, stream radio and television broadcasts, receive articles from the InTouch Magazine, access to the ministries radio network, blog, discipleship resources and more.

Your Move with Andy Stanley (Free)

     And speaking of Stanley, Andy Stanley’s app is pretty awesome too. The Your Move app gives you on-demand access to the full video collection of Your Move episodes. Extra features include easy share functionality, audio listening, conversation and application tools, and opportunities to further connect with Your Move with Andy Stanley.

Joyce Meyer Ministries (free)

Another favorite is Joyce Meyer. This app affords quick and easy access to latest teachings, daily devotionals, television and radio broadcast, conference dates, details and much more

OnePlace (free)

This is a Christian teaching and talk show app that gives you free access to some of the most popular christian teachings and ministries on christian radio today. You can download and save your favorites, share sermons and teachings with friends or family. View and purchase special offers from you favorite ministries, donate and even contact a specific ministry directly. A few of my favorites are Tony Evans, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren and Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man)

myKlove (free)

This app is all about helping you grow, connect and be encouraged anytime and anywhere. This app offers so much more then just the music which you have 24/7 access to the klove radio broadcast, it also includes many resources, growth tracks and goals, daily devotions, a share wall where you can connect, pray with and encourage others and a local event finder to discover opportunities and activities near you.

What Music Lessons Taught Me About Life



If I’d known that I was going to get so much out of taking vocal lessons I think I would’ve signed up sooner. I’ve been privileged enough to work with an amazing instructor who is as honest as he is kind… and I will also say that since I’ve been working with him I’ve not only learned a lot about music and vocals but surprisingly I’ve learned a lot that I can also apply to my life. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way thus far:

  • Who cares what others think?

Standing transparent before others and bearing all you have can be kinda scary. “What will they think about me, what will they say?” I can admit I sometimes have to fight these thoughts whenever I choose to e authentic and sincere. But I’ve learned that whether they like it or not this is my voice, my song, my words, my life and my truth, so it comes with no apologies. Just as an artist stands behind his work even if it looks like goobly glop to others so I’ve learned to stand by the unconventional masterpiece that is me.

  • No one is perfect EVERYONE has weaknesses.

One of  the first things my instructor told me was not to worry. Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses. The key is to enhance and amplify your strengths and improve your weaknesses. So the next time I feel a little unsure because of a weakness in an area of my life,  I remember, we’ve all got eum honey. No one is perfect.

  •  Strive for excellence not perfection.

And speaking of perfect, I know we’ve heard it a million times “Practice makes perfect.” Newsflash, it doesn’t…and that’s OK because what practice does do is make us prepared. When we prepare or practice with a spirit of excellence we give it our full effort, our best shot; we give it all we’ve got and leave the outcome to God. Sometimes we come out on the other side with the results we were looking for and other times we come out with something slightly different. Either way both are opportunities to grow, learn and develop. What more can you ask for when you give it all you’ve got?!

  •  Don’t compare yourself to others!

Ew the comparison trap, its an ugly snare. Truth is, there will always be someone or something that can seemingly do one thing or another better than you, more effectively than you or differently than you. That’s just the nature of this game called life. Your mission is to take those special, unique, and precious gifts that you’ve been given and use them as effectively and proficiently as YOU can, in whatever way God intended and planned for YOU to use it. NOT ANYONE ELSE.

  • Confidence is KEY…

Confidence comes from knowing who you are and living in that revelation… confidence is not only empowering to self it’s attractive to others. Remember, confidence is not defined by what you do or how good or bad you do it. Confidence is defined by knowing who you are and living in that truth to the best of your ability.

  • Stay Inspired…

Inspiration is all around us God is always speaking. I know that when it comes to songwriting I’m constantly looking around life for the perfect melody to call my own. Sometimes it’s in the good sometimes it’s in the bad but I know whether it’s in the sunrise or the tears that have stained my pillows there is inspiration all around. Look around in your life and ask God to open the eyes of your heart to see the inspiration, hope and lessons he is constantly whispering to you

  • Better Together.

We need others. As much as I’d like to do it all myself, i can’t. Any time I open up, humble myself and let those who are good at what they do come alongside me we can all do something great together.

My “Love” Worship Playlist



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My worship playlist reflecting on the beauty and grace of God’s love.

#1 Pieces by Amanda Cook

#2 Fierce by Jesus Culture

#3 Gracious Tempest by Hillsong Young & Free

#4 “I was created for a love story” by William Matthews & Kalley Heiligenthal (Spontaneous Worship)

#5 Gift of Love by Hillsong

#6 First Love by Antioch College Worship

#7 Relentless by Hillsong United

#8 Love Remains by The Brilliance

#9 Since Your Love by United Pursuit

#10 Your Love is All Around by All Sons and Daughters