17 Things Things To Accomplish in Twenty-Seventeen

I gave up on resolutions about 20 minutes ago and decided to take this puppy in a different direction. Below I’ve listed 17 things I want to accomplish this year in 2017. If I dont get to achieve them all perfectly its the heart and effort that count. Either way there’s no pressure just goals… 

(In no particular order)

1. Join a NYC church community

2. Exercise more financial responsibility.

3. Improve my physical health through exercise and healthier eatting.

4. Waste less time. Become more productive.

5. Be honest with myself and others. (even when its hard or awkward to do so.)

6. Go the extra mile in all I do.

7. Read through the entire Bible.

8. Say yes to new opportunities more often.

9. Take a class on a subject that will sharpen my passions be it writing, photography, film, or music.

10. Rebuild/Develop old and new relationships.

11. Serve in church ministry/community.

112. Become more teachable.

13. Volunteer to serve/participate in a community organization.

14. Blog/Write more consistently. 

15. Become more of a woman of integrity.

16. Have more God time than I used to.

17. Find an opportunity to share Christ with atleast 1 person everyday.


Real Love: 14 day bible study challenge


With Valentines day right around the corner and hearts around are all of flutter I cant help but ask, “What is love?” We love to receive it, God commands us to give it, and we are required to be it to others. So, what is love and what does it really look like? Join me as we take a look at what Gods definition of real love is and challenge ourselves to consciously exercise each of these 14 characteristics listed in 1Corinthians 13 of “real love.” If you are committed I’m sure you’ll discover more of Gods grace, more of life’s goodness and make the world a more lovable place.

Study begins February 1st to Valentines day February 14!