How to: At home maternity photo shoot

From optimizing my registry in 5 easy steps to crocheting my very 1st baby blanket in less than a day, I’ve found that many do it yourself projects can be quite useful and affordable options for those of us strapped for cash, time and resources. That’s what happened to me when I realized I was 39 weeks pregnant and had completely forgotten to take my maternity photos! Fortunately, by following the five simple steps below I was able to execute the perfect at home maternity photoshoot and if you follow along so can you!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The supplies you’ll need to pull off the perfect at home maternity photo shoot are simple and include the following:

  • Camera or camera phone that has the ability to use a capture timer mode.

I used my LG Stylo 6 which has a 13 megapixel front and rear facing camera.

  • Tripod or stand

I used an old $19.99 Walmart phone tripod that annoyingly leans slightly to the left despite all that I’ve tried to fix this. I also get creative by using whatever nick knack I have laying around the house to support the camera so I can express different heights and angels.

  • Lighting

Taking advantage of natural sunlight whenever or where ever it is available is always the preferred option when it comes down to the best lighting source for your at home maternity photoshoot. However cloudy days and time constraints do exist so perhaps a ring light, or an inexpensive box light would be a minor requirement for you. But trust me its a small price to pay for priceless maternity photos and lights that can be used in the future for other projects.

  • Editing software or applications

To be honest, if you’ve got a smart phone you have the ability to edit and enhance any photo you take like a pro. Apps I used to edit my at home maternity photos were Photoshop express and adobe Lightroom. Both applications have premium paid and free subscription options and provide an easy to use interface that can meet the needs of every editors skill level. Other photography apps that are pretty popular and that I also enjoy include Snapseed, VSCO, and Afterlight.

Step 2: Location Location Location

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies the next step is deciding on where in your home you want to take your maternity photos. Some really cool places to consider include in the baby’s nursery or in front of an open window; in the backyard or in a garden; or perhaps on a bed full of fluffy pillows or in a bathtub covered in clouds of bubbles. Where ever you decide to take your maternity photos, whats most important is that you feel comfortable and that the background and surroundings help to compliment you and your baby to be.

Step 3: Set up camera and capture timer

Once you’ve decided on where you want to take your at home maternity photos you must now decide on how you want to take your photos. This is where you can use your tripod or stand to prop up your camera or device to the desired height and position. By setting the timer on your camera (most devices have settings of 3, 5, and 10 seconds or more) you can have the camera capture your photo hands free. I’ve also found that many camera phones come with a gestures or phrase mode where a particular hand motion or saying a certain word such as whiskey or cheese will trigger the camera to capture the picture for you as well. However, If you’ve got the mula and are willing to spend the extra dollars a tripod that comes with a wireless remote is also a great investment to consider. Another helpful function available on most if not all cameras and phones is the ability to flip the screen or use the front facing camera so you can actually see yourself on the screen while shooting your maternity photos.

Step 4: Filter and edit

There are tons of apps out there to choose from when it comes to editing your maternity photos. Most are generally free and include presets and filters to help you achieve the perfect look for your maternity photo. Outside of taking the photo itself editing will probably be where you spend most of your time. Cropping, lighting, sketching and skewing. Editing is probably the most time consuming but in my opinion the most fun. Use different filters and editing tools to give every photo its own unique look.

Step 5: Print, post and enjoy!

Once you’ve settled on your favorite maternity photos you can now share them, print them, post them or even gift them. Whatever you decide to do with them one thing I hope is certain is that you enjoy them!

I hope these steps help you achieve your perfect at home maternity photoshoot and that you choose to share them by posting the links to your maternity photos in the comment section down below and to check out my maternity photos just follow the link to “My at home maternity photo shoot