About Me


“Hey There!”


Welcome to my blog.

By now you have probably figured out that my name is Sutana Monae…if not then I am terribly sorry for ruing the mystery & I should probably take this opportunity to now warn you that this page is full of spoilers, you’ve been warned.
(Read at your own risk.)


I am a twenty something California native that spends most of my time studying music from my Spotify account, writing my life’s novel over vanilla lattes at Starbucks and plotting to take over the world one Instagram  at a time.



To sum it up, my blog is a modified replica of the scribbled words and late night scratches that fill the brim of journals past. Most of which are life’s experiences and many are the lessons I’ve learned along the way . This blog is also an expression of the passions that drive me, the questions that keep me searching for more, the God that is so furiously limitless yet so gracefully intimate and His faithfulness that ignites me every day, and all of the beautiful (and often messy) things in between.
It is my prayer that everyone who stumbles across this piece of cyberspace finds something genuine, something inspiring, something special or just something …period… That you can either take, relate, or apply to your own life.
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Feel free to connect with me via subscribing to this blog, leaving comments in the post sections below or by using any other social platform you prefer. I’d love connecting with you…!

Happy readings…