Clocking Numbers that Count

“A win is more than numbers on a scoreboard, more than dollars in your bank account, ” – ordinarilyextraordinarymom



3 out of 4 = the number of posts my husband shared in July.
2 out of the last 3 = the number of former students who liked, quoted, and re-tweeted my blogs before anyone else.
100% = the percent of blogs my sister and cousin read, like, love and share.
At least 5 = the number of times my husband tells me I am beautiful, and he loves me every day.
At least 5 = the number of times my son comes to give me a hug or a kiss every day for no reason.
At least 5 and up to 10 = the number of students who eat in my classroom for lunch everyday.
At least 2 = the number of those students who never took my class but still come during their lunch breaks.
3,809 = the number of pictures in my phone of captured moments I…

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