On The Shelf: August


Kristen Feola, Spiritually Strong: the ultimate 6 week guide to building your body and soul



Dee Brestin, Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About Our Deepest Desires


Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease


The Council of Fashion Designers of America, The Pursuit of Style: Advice and Musings from America’s Top Fashion Designers


Greg Gilbert, Knowing the Bible Series: Book of James





5 thoughts on “On The Shelf: August

      1. Thanks, I used to be an avid reader… Several books at a time. But now I lucky to get one read a month. You have an interesting mix of genre. Thanks for sharing

  1. But I will say some books I will start reading the month prior and transfer over to my next month or use audible… changed my life… bus, plane, train or car…. if u can cop an audible it’s a win win.

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