10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Enrich Your Life

Get More Rest
The benefits of getting an accurate amount of sleep every night are surprisingly substantial and include improvement of memory, creativity, health, energy, performance and lower negative energy and stress.

Exercise not only helps you look great but feel great too! when we exercise, our bodies release a chemical called endorphins which creates feelings of happiness and euphoria. Plus, lets be honest, when you feel good on the outside its definitely a boost to your confidence on the inside.

Getting in tune and connecting with the creator of the universe is nothing to be taken lightly. This connection transforms us from the inside out. According to huffpost.com prayer is the most widespread alternative to therapy in America and spirituality has been shown to help alleviate stress levels, increase positivity, crativity, outlook and health.

Give to others
The best advice I was ever given at a time when I was feeling pretty down and discouraged was to go out and serve others. when we take the focus off of ourselves and our issues and we begin to give to others the worries of our circumstances decrease and goodness increases.

Plan Ahead
Good planning, prioritizing and organizing decreases stress and anxiety. Having an idea of what is to come and whats expected will give you time to prepare and be at the top of your game.

Surround Yourself With Positive People
Attitudes are contagious. When you surround yourself with  positivity it breads positivity. When you surround yourself with creative people, passionate people or people who are excited about life you are compelled to be more inspired, empowered, and energetic about life as well. Make a point to be in relationship and community with people who are like minded and uplifting.

Just because we have jobs, or school, or kids, or responsibilities does not mean we cant afford to take some time off and invest in ourselves by indulging in something that brings joy and excitement to our lives. If its going to the beach, taking a roadtrip with a friend, cozying up with a good book and a latte, going on a netflix binge, reorganizing your living space, working towards a dream, or going on a shopping spree finding something you enjoy and doing it will reenergize you and yourself will thank you later.

Connect With Friends
Relationships make the world go around. Honestly, that’s why snapchat and facebook are so successful because they capitalize on our human nature that longs for connectivity. Since I live far away from most of my immediate family and friends so using media outlets and phone calls to connect are essential. However, if you can put down your phone, grab some starbucks and catch up with your loved ones face to face the authenticity and connectivity will be well worth it.

Try Something New
Whether it’s making new friends and establishing new relationships, trying calamari for the first time or taking an interpretive dance course at your local community center get out there and try something new. Life’s experiences make for  life fulfilled. And even if you disliked the experience at least you will have an interesting story for the grandkids and the bragging rights to say that you did it!

Be Grateful and Celebrate Success
We can spend tons of time beating ourselves up over what we don’t have and what we think we are lacking in character and life. But if we can take a time-out to be present and in the moment with ourselves, love ourselves with a grateful heart for who we are today and celebrate the success we’ve had to get us to this point our esteem and outlook on life will completely change giving us the freedom to be confident in ourselves and appreciative and supportive of others.



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