Art is Everywhere

Recently I made a pact with myself that I would do something that nourishes my gifts and empowers my life at least once every week. This week I decided to register and attend a seminar workshop for photography conducted by professional photographer Dr. Frank Hajcak. The only requirements for attendance were to bring your sense of wonder and a camera or smart phone.  For 2 hours thirsty creatives gleaned from the many years of knowledge and experience he consumed over the years through his profession as both a psychologist and artist. We broke off into groups and at times even went solo on assignment to create our own art through photography. Here are a few of my own photos and some of the key points Dr Hajcak urges us to not only apply to our photography but our lives as well.

“The mind can only see what the mind is willing to accept.” -Frank Hajcak

Beauty and art are everywhere


Curiosity and an open mind are the best tools in creativity


Your best work never happens 1st, serendipity is important in creativity


If you let experts and critics dictate what your art and creativity should look like it will be your worst mistake


Don’t force creativity to fit into the parameters of reality.

Look for what makes you happy, what’s whimsical and humorous.


Use your imagination to tell a story through your photographs.


Remember creativity includes what’s ugly and what’s beautiful.




Macros photography: Just like macros photography, tune in and focus on the little things that are blessings in life.


Treat your life like a work of art. Look at what’s going right; capitalize on that and apply it to the areas of your life that need improvement


“Focus on the little daily gifts of life and it becomes a series of joys and celebration. Its finding the good and pleasure in the small things”



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