On The Shelf: February Reads

From falling crazy in love with Jesus to the perfection of songwriting skills, here are my current reads for this month. You can find out more about these titles and more by surfing through my bookshelf page…ENJOY ♥


“Crazy Love deals with the idea of the average Christian’s love of God and learning how to further develop those feelings into a “crazy, relentless, all-powerful love” I have purchased the book, workbook and dvd resource guide and have taken on this study with a friend. if you are looking for a book that challenges your complacency as a believer, draws you into a deeper love for god and a greater understanding of this God who is madly in love with you, Crazy Love by Francis Chan is the perfect place to start.



Knowing God is a must read for all believers, in my opinion of course. It is definitely for those who are looking to challenge their thinking and deepen their understanding of the character of God. I suggest the audio book on this one because it is quite the lengthy study.


I have found very little on songwriting in the secular world, so as you can imagine I’ve found even less on Christian songwriting. However, when I came across this book I was SAVED. If you are interested in learning more about songwriting technique process, publishing and more from a Christian point of view I highly recommend “The Craft of Christian Songwriting”


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