Rainbow Days: When God Feels so Far Far Away


So today is not a rainbow day, AT ALL! And you honestly do not know why. What happend in such a short amount of time to make you feel so distant from Gods promise, His presence, and His power you so desperately need. You fall to your knees pleading for relief, for answers, for some sort of feeling or sign that He hears you. Today is not a rainbow day, AT ALL and you just don’t know why.

So, I guess before I go too far into detail I should probably explain what I mean by a “rainbow day.” Well, I’m currently reading a book by a favored author of mine John Ortberg called “God is closer than you think.” I picked this book up for several reasons, primarily because I’ve been on a quest to better know God, follow His leading, and thus hear and know his voice undoubtedly. I recognized that hearing God and knowing God intimately are fundamentally essential to everything I am and everything I want to be. When I’d seen the title by John I was immediately sure I had to have this book, plus this title had been suggested on my wish list for quite some time and since I’d had a free book credit on my Amazon account I was like “Let-go.”

Any who, John explains the concept of rainbow days as the times in our life, walk, or day where we can feel the closeness, the promise and presence of God so richly we are greatly reminded of His goodness, His power and His love for us. Just as we’d imagine, every time Noah saw a rainbow glistening in the stormy sky, he was reminded of Gods power, God’s presence and God’s promise to him to his people and to the world. Rainbow days are for us quite similar. Sometimes we can wake up and just feel the goodness of Gods presence radiating on and in us like the warm sun on cold skin in winter. Sometimes we can hear the Lords voice so clear as He draws near, beckoning our thoughts and answering our prayers. Then there are days where the very concept of a rainbow seems almost fictional. All we feel is the cold sting of rain on our brow or the hushed silence of anxious thoughts that fill our hearts as we lie in bed desperate for relief, desperate for rest.

When days appear to come in forms of the latter and I don’t always know why, I used to think that maybe it was because of something I’d done. Perhaps some days were more exciting with God because I’d done something to make them that way. Like I actually read my bible at 5am, even made a few highlighted notes and said a little prayer all without nodding off. Or that maybe God was exceptionally pleased with me for something I’d said, or prayed or accomplished in his favor. But the truth is, rainbow days are not based any more on what I do “right” than what I do wrong. And I know this quite well because if I were to be truly honest, no day is completely perfect, everyday is flawed in one way or another by some strain or version of my sinful imperfection.

The pleasure in rainbow days, or ordinary days, or any day for that matter is not trying to figure out why. In fact I’ve found that the answer to many of my “why’s,” if not all of them is as simple as “Because He is and so He does.”  Just like God’s mercies that are new every morning despite a perpetual sin, just like his grace of unmerited favor, just like his love that flows equally from the greatest to the least, rainbow days are too the mysteries of God the overflow from his never ending love. And it is to his glory and our benefit when ever he chooses to be as bright and as vivid as the morning sun or as subtle and muted  as the bellows of the wind. No the blessing is not in the why, the blessing is in the knowing that no matter how far, or how near God may seem He is always there. Maybe he is hidden at times daring you to step out and seek after Him thus finding him in ways and in places you’d never known before. Perhaps he is right before you speaking audibly through the voice of a loved one, a stranger or a friend. The trick is to be wise, for it is the wise, as John states,  “[that] learn to treasure rainbow days as gifts. They store them up to remember on days when God seems more elusive.”

So the next time you have a rainbow day remember to treasure it, to store it up and to save it in the memory banks of your heart. Let it be a reminder to you on days when life seems a bit stormy a bit gloomy and God appears to be somewhere over the rainbow as opposed to in it. Let these stored treasures remind you that He is always with you. Rainbow days, ordinary days, bad days and all days in between, He is with you…After all, He promised!

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Hebrews 13:5


wp-1451879527233.jpg “Sometimes life can be so dramatic, but if you look closely you just might see the rainbow in the midst of the storm.”



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